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Handcrafted Gas & Electric Copper Lanterns

About Us
We are Nancy and Brandon Benoit, a husband and wife team that manufacture and sell fully handcrafted copper lanterns (gas, electric and propane) reminiscent of the Old World. We opened our company in 2005 and were determined to create each lantern by hand using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Our lamps are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime and in our almost 10 years of existence we have never had a product returned or not work as designed. 

I (Nancy) have always had a passion for antiques. Prior to launching our company, I spent several years working for one of New Orleans premier antique dealers, Maison de Provence, specializing in 18th and 19th century antiques from France and Italy. During that time, I was able to travel extensively through Europe and became very inspired by the Old World charm. I also spent several years for a well know lighting company that makes gas flamed light in Louisiana on Conti Street.  

Brandon also spent several years working at Flambeaux Lighting. During those years he became an expert in the design and manufacture of copper lanterns. He was head designer at both places of employment and specialized in custom built lanterns. From his experience, he developed a firm belief that the best materials and expert hand craftsmanship with attention to detail had to be employed for every single lantern. It is this firm belief that we use as the cornerstone of our business.

Our lanterns are handmade with care and always with our customer in mind. Quality is of the upmost importance to us therefore, nothing is mass produced. Old World Lanterns take great pride in what we do and enjoy seeing our lanterns on buildings all around the world. Perhaps most important to mention is, we love what we do! What better way to live than do what you love and have fun with it!  
Who We Are
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The image of a gas lamp glowing in the snow inspired C.S. Lewis' famous fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia. In the novels, the gas lantern, and its warm glow represented both the gateway to a magical land and time and the comforting safety of the way back home.  

Our beautiful Old World Lanterns are more than just functional lights, we believe they are pieces of art. For me personally, when I see these charming lanterns, it reminds me of strolls I have taken through the cobblestone streets of Paris. The glow of their flickering flame gave me a sense of warmth and comfort as I walked through the cool mist and fog emanating from the River Seine. I believe these beautiful lanterns conjure such images for many of our customers.  

In addition to being pieces of art, inspired by antique designs from all over the world, our lanterns are highly functional and efficient lights. Below are some of the features of our lights:

- Made in “small town USA “ our manufacturing location is in Batesville, AR.

- Our lanterns are built to last a lifetime with a projected life of 300 years.

- They require no maintenance, copper does not rust and the lanterns age gracefully looking even better over time.

- We use the highest grade copper (20oz copper) and all solid brass parts. 

- We use more copper per lantern than most such lanterns creating a higher quality, but at a lower price than competitors. 

- Our lamps are held together by rivets as opposed to solder (which tends to break down over time). A rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener. Copper held together with rivets will stay together through wind, heat, rain, sleet and snow. 

- With Brandon being our master designer, we provide exclusive designs you won’t see anywhere else.

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